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  1. Renae

    I need healing in my home, with (me) my family, emotional and spiritual…all negativity go away….healing in my love life and financial. Thank you!! :)

  2. Reane

    I need healing in my home, with (me) my family, emotional and spiritual…all negativity go away….healing in my love life and financial. Thank you!! :)

  3. Donna Denise Medina

    Asking for healing and prayer request for my brother William who is in desperate need for a heart transplant. Thanks Mitchell, Jamie, and Evan…Love you guys!

  4. Kristina Young

    I am praying for healing for my brother and his family to get them through all that they are facing right now. Please help them find their love for each other again and to hold onto good things when life gets tough.

  5. nancy

    Please send physical healing and spiritual healing to my brother Tarry Baker he is extremely ill and Hospice will be coming in tomorrow. Also send myself emotional and mental healing and good vibes I am my elderly parents caregiver and I feel like I am burning out quickly

  6. Jaymi's Ahrendt

    Healing for my 10 year old son Landon while he fights end stage rhabdomyosarcoma

  7. Sue

    Requesting healing from all I have been through..Needing lots of positive everything to get through what is happening now….

  8. Lara

    Something wrong with my right eye. vision is really bad on eye exam so need to see a specialist now. Send me some good energy :-)

  9. Lisa

    Please send me healing that I may find myself again and not be afraid anymore. I’m kind in the same position as Elii Martinez above except no hubby. I have no one in my life. For some reason, when my bro passed away (gonna be 3 yrs. in May) I died with him. I don’t understand why. He actually went through the same thing when our other bro passed before him. Please help me as I am so lost. Thank you and I love all the pics of you all!

  10. Jennifer Vigil

    Please pray for me I’m going thru alot of problems#

  11. Elii Martinez

    Hi I would like healing for myself..ever since I could remember going through Traumas through out my life. I experienced every type of abuse & suffered from abandonment. Now as an adult I feel lost & as if I don’t belong almost worthless honestly. I lack love for myself & with such low self esteem. I avoid contact with people & can only message or text I even try to avoid talking over the phone & going places alone. I enjoy helping others & I feel like that’s my calling because its everything I had lacking in my childhood was Love. My husband and I have also been trying to have a baby & no luck & it hurts me deeply because I want to have another baby but for some reason I can’t seem yo get pregnant. So it’s stressful. Please Pray for me & my Family Thank You <3
    I would also like healing for my children whom are my world. Thank You <3

  12. Kimberly Ford

    I am a repeat caller yet I guess I will give you updates on your Facebook page because of the first caller rule. Thanks for everything!


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